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I spam people who follow me on instagram and follow everyone back on snapchat!!! 😘

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Anonymous said: Is it a good idea to be in a relationship with someone who has a history of cheating? I thought about asking out my best friend because we used to have feeling for each other, but the whole cheating thing sounds like a red flag.

I feel that people can change. I would be careful though. You can only trust someone so much.

lefi17 said: You reblog some amazing beautiful photos of places, especially things like the Milky Way. Keep up the good work Rachell :) btw love your blog too.

Thanks! X

Anonymous said: How many jobs do you have? You must get paid a lot since you can afford all the things you buy.

I have one job that pays me well.

i-n-c-y-d-k said: You are so beautiful!!! I love your eyes and you blog Just had to tell you♡

Haha thank you so much darling x

emeraldveins said: your blog is beautiful and so are you!

Aw you are a doll thank you x

classyinmaryland said: where is your current blog theme from? is it one you made? if so where can i find one like it?

I made it. I’ll post it when I got time.

Anonymous said: i used your count-up timer for my recovery blog of "days clean" and it worked great! im just wondering if theres a way to make it bigger and make it not go away when i scroll down??

I’m so proud of you!

islandsofvi0lence said: where did you get the social media tab on the bottom left??

I made it.

Anonymous said: I love your themes

Aw thank you x

Source | Photographer

Peaceful and Tranquil ~ By Maria Luisa

'Hengifoss' by Calle Hoglund

Evening Sky (source)