I'm rachell and I make themes.

i’m tired of growing up, it stopped being fun a while ago.

how do I get my butt to do that under butt line thing

I love the fact that over the last few months I spent a lot of time in NYC. I’m always in Brooklyn, I go everywhere in the city, and I’ve also spent some time in Long Island as well. I guess I just never realized how exciting it can be to be there. It’s the capital of the world, and for a good fucking reason.

i was so bored last night that i started youtubing how to dance flamenco and it’s safe to say i can stop on my haters with style now.

i can’t wait to get engaged and go dress shopping i’m going to have so much damn fun

Like I’m still in shock on how I didn’t hit anything and just the fact that nothing happened to me or the car like this is fucking serious. Luck and god was on my side just now.

Not even joking, I almost died on my way home right now because of my reckless driving. My car did a 180 on the highway exit and I missed a tractor trailer and a pole. Please, don’t drive stupid, especially in the rain.

I never understood why people promised you something and then they don’t comply. If you know that you’re not going to be able to keep your promise why did you make it in the first place?

don’t mind me just online shopping my sadness away

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i hate the fact that i get horrible migraines whenever i cry a lot. it’s bad enough that i was crying now you gotta add some physical pain onto this like come on.

i went to the gym 2 days in a row so i rewarded myself by eating a philly cheesesteak and now i hate myself again

I buy so much shit online and whenever something arrives I’m like “i have to stop shopping at 2am”

i get angry so easily it scares me sometimes.


coldplay’s new album is perfection.

a sky full of stars, magic, ink, and midnight are just amazing.

like this album was so fucking good and i love coldplay so much that i actually paid for the album

and if that doesn’t say something about how good it is then idk